Maintaining Trees and Lawns

Pointers Regarding Kikuyu Lawn for a Backyard

by Cherly Wheeler

You may have come across the Kikuyu when looking for a type of lawn for your backyard. Here are some of the main pointers regarding this grass species.


Kikuyu grass grows quickly and profusely, giving you a lush lawn that is soft to sit on and enjoy. But this means that it will need regular and frequent mowing during the summer months. In the wintertime, it will become dormant and grow more slowly. If you want a lawn that you can mow less often, choose one of the Kikuyu varieties that are known for needing less maintenance.

High-traffic Backyards

Kikuyu lawn is a perfect choice if you use the backyard a lot. Your garden might frequently have children and pets playing in it, and you might use it to throw parties and barbeques. The benefit of Kikuyu is that it's hardy and not easily damaged. Plus, it can repair itself. It grows with a tough root system that extends along the ground, even over bare patches. One thing to note is that Kikuyu prefers sunny rather than shady conditions, and it fares best in moderate to warm temperatures. You might be better off choosing a different lawn if most of your yard is under the shade of trees with little sunlight.


One of the main benefits of any lawn is the soothing green cover it provides a property with. Kikuyu has a bright green colour and it grows dense and thick, so it creates attractive lawns that show off a garden in its best light. Even though many people cover a lot of their backyard with paving, a lawn will create a more serene and natural environment. You might not even use the actual lawn area much, but you'll get a calming effect from its natural green hues. Kikuyu has a reputation for holding onto its intense colour for longer into the winter than other grass varieties, which will help uplift spirits in the colder months when you can enjoy looking out of the window at the sea of green in your backyard.

Dry Conditions

When a lawn dries out and turns yellow and brown, it loses its aesthetic appeal. This can happen with some grass species if you live in a region that doesn't receive a lot of rain. However, Kikuyu turf is excellent in these situations as it can tolerate dry conditions. You won't lose the lawn at the first signs of a drought. It has a strong root system that can search for moisture within the ground.

For more information on Kikuyu turf, contact a professional near you.