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4 Unique Patio Paving Ideas to Make the Most of Your Outdoor Space

by Cherly Wheeler

Gone are the days of uneven, grey slabs with grass growing around them. Every homeowner needs stunning and attractive paving designs. They prefer sophisticated and sleek paving that reflects their personalities and style. A good paving design can help transform your landscape or garden, making it more entertaining, aesthetically appealing and exciting to spend time with your family in the outdoor space. There's no reason not to achieve your paving dreams, especially with the addition of a patio heater, fire pit and throws.

Whether you're designing a small patio or a complicated outdoor space, consider these four unique ideas to succeed with your paving project. 

Create Your Design Statement

Paving slabs shouldn't be plain and boring. You can achieve a unique and personalised design by combining a decorative slab like petal pavers with plain types to create excellent features in various areas like fire pits or dining areas. Additionally, you can use the petal design on steps to incorporate an overall look in your landscape to make it stand out from other features. That adds more style and the advantage of preventing trip and fall hazards. This design is excellent for both extensive and small-sized patios. 

Choose a Light Shade for Paving Small Spaces

If you own a small garden, you might want to create a more spacious environment or, at least, an illusion of it. That's why light-coloured stones or porcelain pavers that add a more open feeling to your garden. Additionally, greys and creams can help you achieve that, but porcelain makes an excellent choice for smaller gardens due to its contemporary appearance. Besides, it's easier to install and maintain, unlike other conventional alternatives. 

Seamless Transition of Your Indoors to the Outdoors 

Another essential tip is to make your outdoor space feel like part of your indoor space using similar paving materials. Doing so helps you achieve a seamless look, opening up the outdoor space to appear bigger than usual. One primary advantage of eliminating a threshold is to minimise trip and fall hazards. The natural stone appearance is hardwearing porcelain. Contemplate the colour scheme and furniture options in an open space like this. Doing so helps blend all the features to achieve a cohesive look. 

Consider Smaller Circular Paved Spaces

Small-sized circular stone paved patios with chairs and tables or raised brick beds can be a stunning idea when you want to achieve an inviting space. Think outside the box if you have a smaller space in your garden. Choosing circular patios will make an eye-catching feature if you want to complement compact spaces. These uniquely shaped spaces are ideal when adding small tables and chairs with extra allowance for planting your flowers.  

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