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Three Factors To Consider When Shopping For Soil Supplies

by Cherly Wheeler

The Australian summer is here, so many gardeners love to make the most of the Christmas holiday time off to do planting work in their gardens. However, before you can do any new planting, the dirt needs to be prepped ready for the new greenery. Having fresh soil delivered is an easy way of preparing for the new planting. If you are someone who has never shopped for soil supplies before, here are three factors to consider before placing your first order.

Know Your Garden Size

When shopping for soil supplies, you need to know how many cubic metres are required. A cubic metre is 1,000 litres of dirt. To estimate how much soil to order:

  1.  Use your tape measure to determine the width and length of each garden bed. 
  2. Then, allow for a significant amount of dirt on top of the garden bed.
  3. Finally, subtract the depth of soil you already have to calculate how much top-up is needed. 

There are online calculators to help you determine your exact soil volume requirements.

Bagged Or Bulk?

Delivery of soil supplies occurs in two variations: bagged and bulk. Bulk soil is ideal if you are confident the amount you order fills your need without leftovers. Bagged soil suits the situation where your project takes time, so you need to store soil away. Bagged soil is not left outside exposed to the elements, so it does not get tainted by weed seed if not used immediately.

Delivery Access

Whether you plan on a bagged or bulk order, the delivery truck needs clear access to a spot to drop off your soil supplies. Scout out this location well in advance so you can direct the vehicle to the correct position on the drop-off day. For example, if you order a bulk amount of soil and want it placed close to the work area, is there a side gate or access point for the truck to reverse near the garden? If not, is there an area close to the road front where the soil can be delivered? Do you have a tarp or other type of cover to place over the dirt while you use it? These delivery questions need answering before the soil arrives.

Now that you are more conversant with the factors to consider when shopping for soil supplies, you have the confidence to proceed with your first order. Your local soil supplier is always available to answer any further queries you have.