Maintaining Trees and Lawns

The Future-Proof Features You Need On A New Lawnmower

by Cherly Wheeler

Lawnmowers are one of the foundational elements in any toolshed, with millions of Australians using lawnmowers every week to keep the quickly grown grass at bay. If your last mower just coughed its last breath and you need a new one fast then it is easy to go and buy the first one you see. Before you do that, there are a few things you should be aware of. Lawnmowers are getting more and more features by the day, and there are great options available for any budget. If you want to make sure your lawnmower lasts as long as your last mower (or longer), then here are some features you need to consider to future proof it.


While gas-powered lawnmowers are still freely available to buy, they are on the way out, and it will not be too long before they become obsolete. Not only do they create quite an extraordinary amount of pollution, but they also are inefficient and expensive to maintain. Electric lawnmowers are far simpler to keep well supplied with power and they are only getting more advanced and stronger. In many ways, they are more reliable than their gas-powered ancestors, and the gulf is only growing. Don't saddle yourself with something that is soon to go away, get something that you know will still be around for decades to come.

Open To Accessories

An interesting part of modern lawnmowers is that they are far more modular than ever before. That means that you can adjust them with whatever accessories you like, whether that be a bag to collect the trimmings or a light to help you mow at any time. More accessories get invented every year, so making sure your lawnmower is built to be upgraded is very important. Look for trusted brands that have a lot of compatible accessories now, as they will be catered to in the future as well.

Ride-On Mower

If you have a large area you need to consistently mow, it may be time to upgrade from the push-mower to the ride-on mower. Not only are these built even sturdier, but they are better for ageing bones and tired muscles. Don't waste all your energy mowing the lawn when there are so many other chores to do like weeding, mulching, planting and trimming your prized plants. Ride-on mowers make this aspect of gardening a breeze, as it should be.