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4 Crucial Things to Include in Your Office Deep Cleaning Checklist

by Cherly Wheeler

A typical office cleaning checklist covers the floors, carpets and mats, kitchen surfaces and washrooms. While the daily cleaning is enough to keep your office looking clean, it doesn't get all the work done. Regular deep cleaning helps address areas that are seldom cleaned during daily and weekend cleanings. Deep cleaning eliminates bacteria, dust, dirt and stains, making your office a clean and healthy space for your workers. Thus, as you plan for an office deep clean, here are four critical things to include.

Window treatments

You open and close window treatments every day, and yet they are often forgotten during cleanings. Office blinds, curtains and shades collect a lot of dust over time, especially if you open your windows during the day. Regularly wiping down the blinds with a wet cloth can eliminate most of the dust. However, it's important to deep clean the shades, blinds and curtains regularly as well. This practice enhances interior aesthetics and extends the durability of your window treatments.

Window and walls

Clean windows make for beautiful outdoor views. However, when dirt and dust accumulate on the glass surface, they obstruct the views and affect curb appeal. Dirty windows also limit natural light and force you to rely heavily on artificial lighting during the day. Make it a practice to clean your office windows. For the best results, clean both the interior and exterior windows. While at it, wipe down your interior and exterior walls as well to get rid of dust and finger marks.

Office furniture and upholstery

Regular dusting of office furniture and upholstery gets rid of dirt and dust mites. However, it isn't enough to keep your furniture clean. Consider deep cleaning furniture and upholstery once every few months. Deep cleaning removes stains and odours, improves air quality and extends the lifespan of your furniture. When cleaning wheeled furniture such as office chairs, remember to clean the wheels to remove accumulated dirt. 

Floor tile and grout

Most people are keen to mop office floors daily and clean their carpets and mats. But when is the last time you deep-cleaned the tiles and grout? Over time, stains and dirt can discolour your office tiles, making them look dull and unsightly. As part of your cleaning checklist, remember to deep-clean tiles and grout. The process involves using scrubbers and grout cleaners to eliminate stains and dirt and restore the flooring colour. Tile deep cleaning is crucial in high-traffic areas such as the reception and shared office spaces.

Develop an office deep cleaning checklist to keep your office clean, healthy and sanitary. Contact a corporate office cleaning company for professional services.