Maintaining Trees and Lawns

Want to Green Up Your Buffalo Turf? 4 Simple Ways to Do It

by Cherly Wheeler

As a homeowner, you may want to have a beautiful and well-maintained outdoor space. This can help you connect with nature and enhances the aesthetic appearance and social value of your home. Installing a beautiful lawn is among the most effective ways you can improve your landscape. And although you can use various grass species to have a beautiful lawn, buffalo turf can be a great species for this purpose. Like other plants, buffalo turf needs proper care, particularly when installing it. The fact that the grass can tolerate drought and handle the cold weather better compared to other warm-season grasses should encourage you to do what you can to ensure the grass thrives. Here are four simple things you can do to keep your buffalo turf healthy and beautiful at any time of the year.

Ensure You Water the Grass Regularly

Unless it's raining or snowing, your lawn grass will need to be watered regularly. This promotes root development and helps the grass take up more nutrients from the soil. Regular watering encourages growth and keeps the grass green. When buffalo turf is properly watered, good root development will not be an issue. Where possible, it's advisable to water the turf, particularly in morning hours instead of doing it in the evening, to minimise the probability of fungal disease infection.

Ensure You Mow the Grass Correctly

Once you water your lawn correctly, the grass will grow. Overgrown grass, however, is unsightly, and that's why it's crucial to mow it often. Although mowing helps enhance the appearance of the lawn, it also helps regulate thatch growth, meaning you won't have to dethatch often. Do not forget to edge the lawn after mowing, to enhance the general look of your garden and property.

Ensure You Dethatch the Lawn

As the grass grows, a layer of organic matter will form, creating a thatch layer. This layer accumulates fast, and when it becomes thick, you will have problems with your buffalo turf. For instance, the thatch creates a barrier that prevents the root system from getting a sufficient supply of water, nutrients and air. Also, it encourages lawn diseases and insect or pest infestations. Therefore, it's vital to dethatch the lawn by pushing the rake tines deeper into the turf to reach the thatch layer and pull it up.

Ensure You Fertilise the Grass

Although the soil contains some of the nutrients the buffalo turf needs to thrive, you still need to fertilise it. This way, you will ensure the grass remains healthy and retains its vibrant colour. Make sure you follow the instructions the manufacturer has provided. If you overdo it, you may have to mow and water the grass more often than necessary.

Watering, mowing, dethatching and fertilising your buffalo turf will green it up and help create a beautiful lawn. The good news is that you can get more insights from a seasoned lawn care professional for quality results.