Maintaining Trees and Lawns

Why Use a Flexible Growth Medium?

by Cherly Wheeler

If you need to use hydroseeding to improve an area of ground, then you can speed up the process by using a growth medium. These products stick to the ground and help it flourish. They also work against the negative effects of erosion.

While control blankets, hydraulic mediums and fibre matrix solutions work in many situations, your best bet might be to go with a flexible growth medium. This kind of product introduces a mix of fibres, seeding and mulching ingredients to the soil to rejuvenate it and improve its quality.

Why should you choose a flexible growth medium?

Reduce Your Preparation Work

Some growth mediums need you to do a fair bit of preparation on the soil before you start your reparation work. The ground has to be in the right condition for the medium to work; you might need to get it to the right grade before you start.

If you use a flexible growth medium, then you don't need to do much preparation work at all. The medium bonds easily to most soils including rugged and uneven ground. They'll start to work as soon as they bond with soil no matter what it's condition.

Get Better Results in Extreme Conditions

Some growth mediums struggle to do their jobs effectively in extreme conditions. For example, if you are working on a steep slope or in an area that suffers from erosion, then the medium might not stick in place enough to make an even and quick impact.

Flexible growth mediums bond straight on the soil after you put them down. They are better able to stick than other soils. They aren't as affected by erosion and will quickly counteract its effects.

Plus, these products deal well with adverse weather. They aren't likely to be washed away by even heavy rainfall, even in the early stages after application. They can also deal with arid soil, where they will be exposed to a lot of sun and heat.

Reduce Post-Application Watering

While growth mediums are made to trap and release water into the ground, some products need watering. You might have to regularly water the ground at the start of the process before the growth medium can work on its own.

A flexible growth medium is capable of holding and delivering more moisture into the ground. It bonds quickly and doesn't need much help after installation. So, you won't have to spend as much time watering the area.

To see the best results, do some research into products to make sure you choose the right one for your project. To find out more, talk to your landscaping supplier about growth mediums, like Flexterra growth medium.