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Reasons to Spread Travertine Around Your Home

by Cherly Wheeler

If you're looking for a beautiful material to incorporate in different areas of your property, consider travertine stone. Here are some reasons for this enhancement.

Displays Attractive Earthy Hues

Travertine comes in earthy tones of fawn, peach, pink, grey and ivory, typically with subtle shadings of similar colours. Pale tones reflect light and brighten up a room—thus, you'll create an airy-feeling bathroom, for example, by spreading travertine tiles across the walls and floors. Better-lit spaces tend also to feel more spacious. Additionally, the hues within travertine create a warm earthy ambience. This homey but classic quality makes this rock equally fitting for the floors of living areas, which you can decorate with rugs in high traffic areas. 

Suits Patios, Pool Decks, and Pathways

Travertine suits both indoors and outdoors, so you can create a cohesive polished design over your entire property. The pavers come in endless shapes and sizes—you can combine these to make patterns, such as ashlar or herringbone. Large-format square pavers evenly set will evoke a classic minimalist feel, while more detailed designs add visual interest. Spread these paver patterns around your patio, pool deck, or pathways, as well as inside areas. The light tones of travertine remain cool underfoot so that you won't bake unnecessarily on a hot summers day.

Enhances Garden Beds

Lush plants and flowers form the basis of an attractive garden, but hard stone surfaces add contrast and visual excitement. Thus, edge your garden beds with travertine pavers which will highlight the beauty of both soft plants and textured stone.

Offers Different Finishes 

Travertine is available in different finishes to create a variety of effects. You can install honed tiles with a smooth, matte finish. Otherwise, you could lay travertine pavers with a natural textured tumbled finish to give the terrace or pool area an antiqued look with excellent traction. Other options include a shiny polish, or else a rough brushed surface. 

Durable and Long Lasting

Travertine stone is extremely durable and long-lasting. Like most rocks, however, it's porous to some degree, so follow expert recommendations for sealing and maintenance. Also, make sure to wipe up any spills promptly, particularly if you spill acidic substances such as orange juice on your travertine paver patio. 

Overall, there are many reasons to introduce lovely travertine stone into the home. In various subdues colours, it will create light and homey spaces with a classic touch. You can select from different finishes, each of which gives different looks. Additionally, so long as you follow care instructions, your travertine pavers and tiles should provide you with pleasure for many years.