Maintaining Trees and Lawns

Choose The Right Plants

by Cherly Wheeler

Commercial landscaping must be done right if you intend to make a good first impression on your clients. In a large number of cases, flowers, shrubs and trees are used to highlight the entrance to a commercial building.

Making the right choice of plants for such an endeavour can save you and your potential clients a lot of trouble. Here are three things you cannot afford to forget when choosing the right plants for a commercial landscape.

The Question of Invasiveness

Plants and trees used on commercial landscapes have different types of root systems. Some of them have invasive roots while others have non-invasive root systems.

Plants that have invasive root systems will have their roots spreading horizontally in all directions as the plant continues to grow. Such plants should not be incorporated into your commercial landscape design because their roots could easily spread into your drainage system, thereby causing clogs and the blockage of drainage lines. The silver maple is an example of a plant that has an invasive root system.

Pest Control

Another important consideration when choosing landscape design plants is that of pest control. Certain plants are known to be more attractive to pests than others and should therefore not feature in your landscape design.

For example, the lavender plant is known to be among the favourite plants for bees looking for nectar. Planting lavender next to your pathways might, therefore, mean that your clients will have to be keen not to be stung by a bee as they seek entrance into your commercial building.

Similarly, plants such as marigold and lemongrass are known to repel snakes. You might want to invest in one of these in order to reduce the likelihood of snakes appearing within your commercial premises.

Locally Available Plant Species Are the Best

It is advisable to settle for plants species that are native to your locality or those that are readily available from within your locality.

Landscape plants can easily get damaged after a storm or in the event that someone steps on the plant accidentally. Damaged plants will need to be replaced to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your landscape, and this will be much easier to do if the plant species is available at your nearest landscaping supplies store.

In order to get the most out of your commercial landscape, you have to take the time to identify the right plants out of the various options available at your disposal.