Maintaining Trees and Lawns

How Green Office Cleaning Will Preserve Your Landscape

by Cherly Wheeler

Whether your office has its own grounds that you want to keep looking beautiful or you just care about the landscape around your town, using a green office cleaning company will go a long way in keeping that natural beauty. Here are three ways it helps.

Green Cleaning Keeps Water Fresh

Fresh, clean water is key in keeping the environment healthy and beautiful. Unfortunately, offices across Australia contribute to water pollution every day when they have their facilities cleaned. If you don't use an environmentally friendly janitorial service, your cleaners will be using cleaning fluids filled with toxins and chemicals. These chemicals are then flushed down toilets, sinks and drains, polluting the water. Many people mistakenly believe that water treatment plants deal with this problem, but many of today's chemicals can't be fully removed with normal treatment processes. When this water is used to freshen up grass and plants around the landscape, those chemicals will seep into the foliage, slowly killing it. That's why it's important to use a service that sticks to green cleaning agents, which don't contain harmful chemicals that pollute the water.

Green Cleaning Doesn't Harm Animals

Attractive landscaping isn't just about plants. Wildlife is an important part of natural beauty too. From birds to mammals, numerous animals across Australia play a part in helping the natural ecosystem sustain itself. Without them, landscapes can become overgrown due to lack of natural maintenance, or they can wither and die due to lack of pollination. Plus, these creatures are beautiful to look at in themselves. Having your office cleaned with green products will help protect these animals from being poisoned by toxic chemicals. Wildlife also benefits from the healthy plant growth that comes from clean water sources, as chemicals can negatively affect the growth of an animal's habitat or food source.

Green Cleaning Reduces Waste

Nothing ruins the natural beauty of a town or city's landscape quicker than waste piling up in landfill and on street corners. The best way to cut down on this unsightly waste is to recycle. Of course, many traditional cleaning fluids are packaged in containers that can't be recycled and don't break down naturally. Green cleaning products, on the other hand, usually have equally green packaging. You'll find that most environmentally friendly cleaning fluids are packaged in containers that are suitable for recycling or that quickly biodegrade naturally on compost heaps. This means they won't contribute to those ever-increasing piles of trash.

For more information on your options, contact a company that offers corporate office cleaning services in your area.