Maintaining Trees and Lawns

Making The Most Of Landscape Gravel At Your Exteriors

by Cherly Wheeler

While grass, flowers, soil and mulch are essential for a flourishing yard, you may want to consider including landscape gravel as part of your gardening supplies! You may be thinking that gravel will detract from the appearance of your yard, especially if you associate it with the same materials employed for roadwork. However, landscape gravel is vastly different from these supplies. What you may be unaware of is that landscape gravel comes in a vast selection of colours, sizes and shapes. Furthermore, the range of options available means that different types of gravel will be better suited to specific applications than others would be. To familiarise yourself with the options available, read on to learn how to make the most of landscape gravel at your exterior.

Landscape gravel for pathways

If you have put in a considerable amount of effort to ensure that your garden is lush with healthy turf and blooming flowers, the last thing you would want is people walking all over your plants. Thus, pathways are a critical inclusion when landscaping your yard. Nonetheless, this does not mean that the pathways have to be unattractive. Large rocks may create contrast in your garden, but the reality is they will be uncomfortable underfoot. Furthermore, if you are thinking that you should use asphalt or simply lay sand to outline these walkways, you should invest in landscape gravel. River rock with its smooth and rounded edges, coupled with crushed stones, will not only create a stable surface for your pathways, but will also instil the visual interest that you are looking for. Additionally, strategically placed river rock can function as edging while clearly defining your walkways.

Landscape gravel for exterior living spaces

Once you have your pathways, you could be planning to create a living area outdoors that will allow you to entertain or simply spend some alone time in the fresh air. Since this space may experience heavy foot traffic from time to time, you should choose landscape gravel that compacts easily into the ground and subsequently protects the soil below. Not to mention that the gravel you choose should also be easy to walk on, considering women who may wear heels or kids who may walk barefoot in the living area. One of the top solutions you could choose is self-binding landscape gavel. Once this material is spread across the surface, a roller is used to compact it and form a stable floor. To create a point of interest in your landscape, opt for two-toned, self-binding gravel.